For almost two decades Gazebo World has focused heavily on providing re sellers with industry leading service and unique marketing tools to assist them every step of the way. Our data base of re sellers include local South African ones spread all over the country as well as a host of African and International re sellers who rely heavily on quality, service and speed, the three core principals we live by. Whether you are a print broker, an advertising agency, marketing or communication agency, or event organizer, we will supply you with a comprehensive re seller package which will assist you in not only winning new customers but also to expand your current product and print services offering.

Re Sellers get the following unique offerings:

You get a dedicated salesperson who you will always deal with via email or phone. You won’t be moved from one salesperson to another. We pride ourselves in building long lasting relationships with all our re sellers.

You will receive our industry leading comprehensive re seller price list every second month via email. This price list not only details every single product or print service we offer but also our latest Mega Deal Promotions.

You will receive re seller versions of all our individual products, over 45 products to be exact. Simply drop in your company logo, contact details, and send on to your clients.

You will receive re seller versions of our Mega Deal Promotions, simply drop in your company logo, contact details, add your mark up, and send on to your clients.

Service!!! Service plays a massive roll here at Gazebo World. You will not wait longer than an hour for your salesperson to reply on an email or whats app message sent. If it is urgent, you can email or whats app your salesperson after hours, we will always respond to you.

Quality!!! We pride ourselves in high end hardware and print quality. With so many branding companies out there, who can you trust. We won’t drop you, so you don’t drop your client. For almost two decades we have stuck to using only the best quality fabrics and hardware. We want your client to say: Wow! I love it!

If SADC certificates are needed for products exported outside of South Africa into SADC regions we have you covered.

If you would like us to deliver or courier orders on your behalf direct to your client, we do so. We will not include any of our details, invoices and so on.

All Printing, Assembly, Finishing, Stitching, Artwork Creation & Dtp are done in house resulting in stringent quality controls and extremely fast turnaround times from approval of artwork to dispatch.

All product specific packing sizes and weights are listed on each of our product brochures and wep pages making for easy freight calculation.

Last but by no means least. With the unfortunate current load shedding crisis in South Africa which seems as if it will not end soon, we are proud to say that our facility in Midrand has a full Solar and Back up system in place to give you piece of mind. Our system includes a large 60KW solar array consisting of 220 solar panels powering our entire facility. During load shedding a 60KW Generator aided by a newly installed 30KW UPS back up system makes for seamless power transitions so that all production can carry on as normal.

So, how do you sign up?

Download and complete our re seller application form.

Download and print signature form, scan and email to us.

Submit your completed forms to: admin@gazeboworld.co.za We’ll cross-check your details and get back to you in record time! If you have any questions prior to completing any of the forms please contact: info@gazeboworld.co.za

Gazebo World are proud to have numerous International Clients & Resellers in countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana, UK and Dubai.

Here are a couple of reasons why international customers choose us as their supplier:

The quality and variety of our large range of over 42 products are unmatched and are world class.

All Printing, Assembly, Finishing, Stitching, Artwork Creation & Dtp are done in house resulting in stringent quality controls and extremely fast turnaround times from approval of artwork to dispatch.

Due to our local currency conversion, our prices, quick turnaround times and quality & variety of our products, buying from us ends up being a very attractive alternative compared to using local suppliers in your specific area.

All product specific packing sizes and weights are listed on each of our product brochures making for easy freight calculation via ocean or air freight. All prices quoted Do Not include Ocean or Air Freight Costs.

Please note that each specific country we export to each have their own specific customs duties, customs vat and applicable additional freight and clearing charges. Please enquire with your local customs department to verify tariff heading, tariff codes, and possible import duties charges you may incur.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller in your area or need export quotes go to our contact us page for further assistance.

Re Seller Terms and Conditions:

Approved re sellers may not use DPI or Gazebo World gallery or product images or product text without prior consent from their respective salesperson. Unauthorized use of any of the above without prior written consent will result in termination of you as a re seller.

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