Velcro Fabric Wall Graphix

Velcro Fabric Wall Graphix

Transform a bland dull wall into a vibrant, colourful work of art with our innovative Velcro Fabric Wall Graphix system!
Our Velcro Fabric Wall Graphix panels are printed onto soft, non-crease, Polyester Fabric. 50mm Female (fluffy) velcro is then stitched on to the back of the print on all sides. Application of the Wall Graphix is extremely simply, you peel off the supplied male self-adhesive velcro strips and create an area/border exactly the same size as your printed fabric.

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Start from one end and apply your wall Graphix fabric print onto the male velcro frame on your wall and in no time you will have a stretched fabric print without joins or creases on your wall!

We are able to print up to 2.8m width and up to an impressive 40m length without any joins. Our Velcro Fabric Wall Graphix are fully washable, non-shiny (matt finish), non-crease and are the easiest way to transform a blank wall into a work of art.

Visual Size

Any size can be printed provided it is less than 2.8m in height or width

Graphic Panel

Full colour digitally printed fabric graphic panel

Packaging Size

As per size printed


DIY or can be quoted on


From 0.5kg to 2kg

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