Mahoney Junior KTM Racing, powered by Race Worx

Mahoney Junior KTM Racing, powered by Race Worx

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So juggeling between MX and Cross-country, there has been quite a bit of racing for the Mahoney Junior KTM Race team during March and the beginning of April.

4 March 2017 – GXCC Round 2.

I t was great having the team all together again in Settlers, L impopo. With an impressive entry of 400+ riders, the sand/whoopy route got very deteriorated during the course of the race, which made for some tough racing. Our #528 rider, L eon Jardine had the following to say about the event, “I t was probably one of the toughest and most physically demanding tracks I have ever raced, but having a good set up on my RaceWorx KTM 125 XC-W definately made it a fun enjoyable race.

Results of GXCC 2 for the team looked as follows:
L eon Jardine: 2nd in the 125 cc class in both club and regional championships.
Frans Kock: 7th in the very competitiveHigh School class in the regional championship.
Megan Jonker: Always improving with a 4th in the L adies class in both club and regional championships.

31 March 2017 -SACC round 1

T he start of theNational cross country championship took Jardine and Kock to L igtenburg. For Frans Kock, our 16 year old, High School rider from Vryburg, thiswas his first ever national event. With a very dangerous route, cover with rocks/lurkers and grass, the aim for this round was simply to finish and focus on the season as a whole and not just this event. “To be honest, it felt as if we could only ride this route, not race it, because of all the dangers. One advantage of an event like this, was that I felt as safe as could be, under the circumstances, with all my EVS protection. T his gaveme more confidence in order to push a little harder.” Frans explained. Unfortunately both riders ended up being time-bared after loosing crucial time due to drowning their machines and picking up wire on the route. ” Round 2 wewill have to redeem ourselves and make up for the valuable points lost” a disappointed Jardine said.

1 April 2017 – Regional MX

An impressive day for our lady rider, Megan Jonker, on board her RaceWorx KTM 250 XCF-W down at Zone 7 MX track for a regional event in preparation for the following weekendsNational event there. After winning heat 1, and taking a 2nd in heat 2, Megan had to settle for 2 overall for the day. T his is a remarkable improvement for this young and dedicated rider.

8 April 2017 – National MX

Being a newbie to theNational MX series, this raceweekend did not come as easy for the #35 Mahoney Jnr KTM rider.
However, her consistent performance is a good indication of even more improvement that awaits in the near future. A 5th in both heat 1 and 2 secured her with a 5th overall for this leg of the championship. “I am excited that after this round we are heading back up to tracks I am more familiar with, confident on and closer to home. But honestly this event down in Cape Town and round 1 in PE has taught me that adapting quickly to different unfamiliar tracks, track conditions and terrains is crucial in this sport. I am going to take everything I have learn t during these 2 rounds and incorporate it into my training regime” an optimistic Megan had to say.

The teams next event will be round 3 of theGXCC and Norther Regional CrossCountry championships, on 22 April 2017. Wewill all be heading out to a fast and f lowing route in Fochville, amere 75km out of Johannesburg. T his event will be followed by round 3 of theNational MX series on the 6th of May 2017, and on the 12th of May wewill head down to Dundee, KZN, for round 2 of the SACC championship.

L ouwrensMahoney
Team Manager

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