Germiston BMX National April 2015

dpi_concepts-sponsorship_02To all our sponsors. Firstly Thank you all so very much for the great support given to Christopher for his First South African Nationals. It was amazing to see how everyone pulled together for him and gave more drive to do his best.

Chris had a great weekend of racing, showing us that he is really willing to fight for the Championship and achieve his set goals.

The turnout for the racing was great, but Christopher’s class did not have sufficient entries to full a gate of 8. They then bumped him up from age group15-16 to 17 and over. This was very daunting for him, but he rolled with the punches and fought his way to a 4th over all for the weekend and a Second in his class for the South African Championship.dpi_concepts-sponsorship_04

He has a break now for Mothers day, but training isn’t being set aside and his determination to do his sponsors and family proud keeps him pushing. Thus causing him to have a BIG crash this weekend. Luckily he only went away with a rather mild concussion and is back on the bike today.

His next few races will be for KZN points and Club points which start again on Sunday 17th May  with a double header at Giba Gorge.

Once again a huge Thank you to each and every one that has assisted Chris in every way.

Kind Regards


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